Kelly King

This Week at HOPE!

Kelly King
This Week at HOPE!

December 5, 2018

Jesus has been acclaimed as the greatest religious leader who ever lived, as being the most influential person to have lived on our planet, and as being unique to the degree that no one can be compared to Him.

However, considering Jesus Christ merely on the basis of an exemplary life and His superior moral teaching will not remove the stumbling blocks to Christianity raised by an unbelieving world. The real test of what one thinks of Him must revolve around who He claimed to be and what He accomplished during His brief mission to our planet. Our conclusion must be that there is no Christianity without Christ; EVERYTHING centers in Him.

We read in John 1:14 the wonderful words, “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us . . .” Jesus, the incarnate Word, made his dwelling among us. He entered into a new dimension of existence through the gateway of human birth and took up his residence among people. When Jesus was born as a baby in a manger at Bethlehem, he had always existed as the Son of God with the Father in heaven, but now chose to come into the world in a human body. God actually came to this earth and lived here as a human being. The word “dwelt” in the Greek (skeno) means “to take up residence” or “pitched His tent.” Jesus’s body was the tent in which He lived among humanity for thirty-three years. 

What should all this mean to you and me? To understand the true meaning of Christmas, we need to see the baby as John describes Him – existing from the very beginning; the creator and author of life; God with us in the flesh. The One who came from the throne of heaven resided in Mary’s womb until the right time to enter our world. Therefore, as William Walsham How, the 19thCentury hymn writer so eloquently proclaimed: “O Word of God incarnate, O Wisdom from on high, O Truth, unchanged, unchanging, O Light of our dark sky! We praise Thee for the radiance that from the hallowed page, a lantern to our footsteps, shines on from age to age.” 

Kate Collins Middle School


It’s come to our attention that there are about 5 families at Kate Collins Middle School who have a need for food. We would like to take up a collection and prepare boxes of food for each family to send home with the children over the Christmas break.

The items will need to be non-perishable goods like applesauce pouches, granola bars and easily fixed meals like microwavable soup, etc. The boxes need to be prepared and delivered to the school by December 14th.

Please let us know (at if you would like to make a donation toward this outreach project or if you are willing to do some bulk shopping with collected funds (probably at Costco).


THIS SUNDAY-  This Sunday, Pastor Glen continues his new sermon series entitled, “Pursuing Spiritual Maturity” based upon 2 Peter.  His message this Sunday, will be “Computer viruses,” based upon 2 Peter 2:1-22. Please read the text before worship at 9:30am. Nursery care and elementary classes are provided during the worship service each Sunday.

Venue Team Update - Larry Roberts will be giving a short venue team update this Sunday.

Adult Sunday School class - Join us, in our study of the letters to the Corinthians, in the Chapel on the Sunday School floor immediately following worship! This week we are studying 1 Corinthians, chapter 7 on the principles of marriage.  Come join the discussion.

Christmas Poinsettias - If you would like to place a poinsettia in our worship center this year, you may purchase one for $10 by sending an email to or by filling out the form in the church bulletin this Sunday. Orders must be submitted by Dec 16.  When you submit your order, please indicate if you are doing so in memory of or in honor of someone.  You will be able to pick up the poinsettia after our worship service on December 3oth.